This is a huge gigantic list of projects I've done, am working on, have given up on, and etc... Source code is included in most if not all of the projects here. Please feel free to use code I've written as long as you give me credit! All projects listed on this page do run properly on the real GBA unless specified otherwise!
Have fun :)

Unfinished Projects

Finished Projects

RSdemo(ASM, Arm SDT)
This is probably the first really useful demo I wrote for Gameboy Advance. I noticed a while back that it was actually recommended in the cowbite spec as a tool to learn rotation and scaling :) I actually wrote it to learn how they worked myself ;) Anyhow, it's got a little bit of a confusing control system so please read the readme.txt or the in-program scrolltext before deciding it doesn't work.
Download Here
sg_bump(ASM, Arm SDT)
One of my earlier demos, when I was much more facinated with bumpmapping than I am now :) A bit slow, but very little optimization
Download Here
wavplay(ASM, Arm SDT)
Please ignore the screen shot for this one. It's just something I added when I was playing around, it doesn't actually mean anything :D Anyhow, the main purpose of this project was to play a short sample (and it kinda ... loops when you multiboot it :)
Download Here
tunnel(ASM, Arm SDT)
A nice little tunnel effect, including 4 different versions. The final version is an interpolated version, as the program isn't fast enough to run at 60fps without it.
Download Here
modplay(ASM, Arm SDT)
A little modplayer for GBA.. yes the bar graph is graphing cpu usage. I have to be a little proud of this little program as it was my first modplayer. Thanks goes to exoticorn for helping me through the modplayer concepts :) It's incomplete, it lacks some stuff like finetunes and effects, but it's a decent little modplayer (in my biased opinion) At the moment it doesn't sound too great but you can swap the frequency tables using some .bas files included and a little common sense :) the mod->this player's format converter is included (in .bas and .exe format) as well as a cool little mod dissecting program I wrote (also .bas and .exe) This code is available for the general public's use now, I don't want to touch it anymore :D (not to mention I don't use the ARM SDT anymore)
Download Here

Abandoned Projects

GBAHearts(C, DevKitAdvance - no source)
I've stopped development of this project as I'm working on another card game that may go commercial. At the time I wrote it, this project qualified as my biggest project, and the most successful - Now, I'm doing yet more amazing things :) GBAhearts was written in 2 days, with very little sleep (you can ask my roommate if you want :) This project still has some bugs in it, and it's mostly unfinished but basic gameplay (though possibly incorrect) is implemented. This game earned second place at the hearts compo.
Download Game (46kB) - Source (225kB)

Gameland(C, DevKitAdvance)
I've decided to stop development on this game as I'm already working on lots of other cooler things :) This game is a cooperative effort between me and Matt Griffith (Zenith)
This game was released at the GBAX 2003 competition. The source is available to download, however looking back there are things I should have done differently... As it's my first rpg, that's to be expected. Please tell me how you like it :)
Download Game (334kB) - Source (2 MB)


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