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October 11, 2004: More stuff done

It's almost good enough to let people download it, but as it's still very much incomplete, I've decided to wait a bit longer before I release anything. (see Compatibility page). It is however much faster than previous versions, as indicated by the screenshot. Adding proper waitstates and optimizing the core has paid off a bit, now sg_bump runs at around 200fps (on my machine). Several more screenshots have been added to the screenshots page, and more will be as more things have become compatible recently, however the colors are swapped :\... will try to fix that soon. If for some reason you need to bother me, try to find me on #gbadev, on EFNet, under the nick "sgstair". I should be around.


Still working on the core and stuff, I've been a bit lazy... ARM emulation is now at around 95% complete, THUMB at around 10% (both figures rising), I've added a palette viewer and a proper thumb disassembler. No screenshots yet, but I'm working on the thumb core today, so I should have more stuff working soon :)


The new assembly core has been completed enough to run sg_bump :) May not seem like much but this is a pretty important milestone in the emulator's development. Core speed has imporved a little bit... but still not up where I expected it to be. There's probably another bottleneck somewhere, I'll try to find it sometime.


I'm presently working on the assembly rewrite of my cpu core... this is going to be fast :) Presently it's about 5% done or so, will have more news soon.


I've been busy with other junk -- so not much is getting done. I have however decided to rewrite my cpu core in x86 asm, should help the speed a bit :) Will post more when I've got more done.


Alright! fixed the bug and now all is well with sg_bump... now to finish the ARM cpu and go on. Also fixed the fps meter, but I have no idea why it's running so slow - I kinda expected it to go faster.


Well, arm cpu emulation is now at about 75% done, and it kinda works :) Here's proof with sg_bump:


Well, I started on this emu forever ago, but I've revisited it recently. I've added a bit to the UI and rewritten the MMU and am presently working on the CPU core. Here's a screenshot of what all works at the moment. More to come in a bit when I get cpu emulation working.