sGBA: Compatibility

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Emulator hardware support

CPU CoreMostly Done
ARM core99% - SWP missing
THUMB core100%
Graphics CoreMostly complete
Mode 0Done
Mode 1Done
Mode 2Done
Mode 3Done
Mode 4Done
Mode 5Done
SpritesPartly done
WindowsNot even started
Color Special EffectsNot even started
BG Rotation/ScalingDone
MosaicDone, except for sprites
AudioNot even started
GBC soundsNot even started
DirectSoundNot even started
TimersNot even started
Timer 0Not even started
Timer 1Not even started
Timer 2Not even started
Timer 3Not even started
DMAlimited support
DMA0Not even started
DMA1Not even started
DMA2Not even started
DMA3most important stuff done
Hblank DMABarely started
Vblank DMANot even started
Audio DMANot even started
Special DMANot even started
CommunicationsNot even started
Keypad InputDone
InterruptsPartway done
System ControlBasicly done

Emulator game/demo support

Here's a partial list of gba programs I've tested with sGba, along with which work and which don't.
sg_bump (sgstair)Perfect
Copperbars by Joat.binPerfect
afire (mic)Perfect
tunnel (sgstair)Perfect
mode3.bin (?)Perfect
fill1.bin (Two9A)Perfect
rotpal.gba (mic)Perfect
mode5.gba - animation (BigRedPimp)Perfect
m5bump.gba (Bruno Vedder)Perfect
leonard3D (3d trip)Perfect
raster.gba (dooby)perfect
texture (?)Perfect
8bitlight (?)Perfect
wolfARMstein (?)Perfect
lgtron.gba - tron clone (Lord Graga)Perfect
mode5test.gba (?)Perfect
walk3d (Torlus)Perfect
mosaik.gba (?)Perfect
fontdisp.gba (Two9A)Perfect
calc.gba (?)Perfect
oamtest.gba (?)perfect
rsdemo (sgstair)works, windows not supported yet
bh03-banzai (sgstair&ravity)Nearly perfect
kance/condenceNearly perfect
STSound advance (oxygene)Works, no sound
fr018Partly works
circlescroll (1-million-boys)Partly works
vit2 (unique)hangs on screen after load screen
nocturnal-Great Juicy GypsyDoesn't work at all
nocturnal-recycle bin unfinishedDoesn't work at all
(a ? means either I don't know who wrote it or I'm too lazy to look it up)