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Last Updated: January 15, 2008


The projects I'm currently working on, or have completed or abandoned.

Stephen's Blog - frequently updated information about all the latest projects!

Project Name/WebsitePlatformDescriptionStatusDownload linkLast Updated
DS Wifi [Forum@1Emulation.com]DSWorking space with updates on the status of the DS Wifi impelementation ActiveLatest DSWifi Lib TestNovember 23, 2008
DSTunnelPC/DSTunnelling Nifi games over the internet! ActiveN/AJune 1, 2006
Misc StuffVariousFun things that aren't a part of other projects here ActiveN/AJune 1, 2006
DS hackingPC/DSHomebrew DS Development ActiveN/AAugust 5, 2005
sGbaPCA Gameboy Advance emulator I'm writing Active/Low PrioritysGBA WIP build 1June 1, 2006
Old GBA PagesGBAMy old project listing InactiveNoneA Loooooong time ago

Stuff I've done

Links to places showing commercial or demoscene-related things I've coded

BH03 - Banzai GBAI was the main coder for this demo, I wrote almost all of the effects and the 3d engine.


Links to useful documents, technical resources for various things.

Cowbite GBA Spec A GBA Hardware reference
Nocash GBAtek The best GBA Hardware reference, in my opinion. (Local Mirror)
MSDN Library What no good windows programmer should be without :)
NeHe OpenGL Development tutorials
All the places on the web worth seeing!
(If you'd like to be listed here, drop me an email, you can find my details on the Contact page)

My Old Website The background color is Designed to burn your eyes ;)
GBADEV.org One of the top GBA Development sites
Gameboy Advance Dev'rs Another of the top GBA Development sites
devkitPro Your place to get an ARM cross-compiler
StoneCypher's Web Home The source for all the greatest programming and other articles and rants
FPGABoy A Hardware GB Emnulation project
1Emulation.com A great community-oriented site dedicated to emulation news and resources
DarkFader.net Lots of good information on programming several consoles
Oopsilon - DSEmu A Nintendo DS emulation project, starting with a GBA emu
Ludumdare "Unrestrained game development"
Hamumu Software Your one-stop outlet for dumb games for your Windows PC.