dstunnel: Wifi Tunnelling for DS Multiplayer

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For those of you who don't have a clue as to what it is, the goal of the dstunnel project is to enable multiplayer DS gaming over the internet. It is designed to work with any wireless multiplayer DS game that exists, and should work with all future games too. We just want to bring the fun of DS multiplayer games to everyone :)
The project currently does require specific hardware in order to work, but it's possible in the near future it could be expanded to work with more common wireless devices.

Current Status

Field of work Completion Level
Core Components:
Protocol Design: 90%
Internet Network Code: 80%
NiFi Network Code: 100%
Program Structure: 90%
Total (Core Components): 90%
Testing: 10%
Additional Features/Projects:
Internet Pictochat Server: 0%
Internet WMB Server: 0%

March 27, 2006: Two Months Later... (going for a Fibonacci sequence) (1am)

Alright, people have been bugging me for updates so I suppose I might as well say *something* :)
The project is presently on hold (I'm trying a novel approach: one major project at a time) - waiting for the next DSWifi lib release, which is actually going to come pretty soon.
Besides that (and I mentioned this on my dswifi page too), Major updates will still be available through this page, but trivial progress reports will from now on be posted to my Blog [blog.akkit.org].

January 25, 2006: (more than) One Month Later... (4am)

Ok, so... At this point the system has made it through 3/4 of the process required to tunnel a game... However, there is still some trouble with timing and semirandom crashes (due to some bad design, heh heh)
Right now, I'm very busy with other projects, but this project will shortly receive a complete rewrite, and hopefully be usable :)

December 17, 2005: One Month Later... (4pm)

Well, this page is now linked on wikipedia, so no real reason to hide it ;)
Anyway - At present the dstunnel application is working, to a degree. The biggest problem with it right now is 802.11 timing. Certain types of packets are being tunneled properly and seen by other DSes, but many are being ignored due to timing. Basicly, I know how to fix the problem but have been tied up in other projects and haven't been working on it. That being said, when I do get a chance to work on it again, it should only take a day or 3 to make it tunnel real games. (yay)
This all being theoretical still, it might not work at all, but I'll worry about what to do next after this mod is made.

November 10, 2005: Beta Begins! (4am)

The preliminary DSTunnel application has been completed! Now begins the testing, to get an idea of what works and what doesn't. Several bugs have been encountered so far, and the connection isn't exactly stable :) but we should be up and running soon.

November 3, 2005: Beta testers (4am)

Ok people, sorry, but contrary to popular belief, I really don't need any more beta testers. The ones I have now (I'm up to 13) are very much hand-picked by me, they're people I know pretty well.
I know you all are anxious to get your hands on this, but I don't expect it to be in beta for very long, and I will expect my beta testers to do some actual work. Anyway, just be patient. I'll of course be updating this page with my progress fairly regularly when this project starts warming up (should be monday/tuesday of next week)
Additionally, when I start really working on this project, it'll be posted to the main page, and, well, just be in general more widespread.

November 2, 2005: Created project page. (3am)

Hello, and welcome to my new project page! dstunnel will be an application that will allow you to connect multiple DSes over the internet to play multiplayer games, provided each player has a compatible wifi card and drivers. (Presently only the RAlink RT2560 cards are supported, via firefly's driver - More cards are planned to be supported eventually, though!) The project is planned to go into beta in about a week, perhaps less, and my 9 lucky beta testers will have the priviledge of playing normal DS multiplayer games over the internet! (Of course, I'm sure it won't work initially, so they'll also get to have lots of fun testing it when it *doesn't* work, too :)
All fun aside, watch this space for more details on how the program is shaping up, and when it'll be released to the public.